Early Sunday morning the clocks went forward an hour to mark the start of British Summer Time. Whilst most people were grumbling about losing an hours precious sleep I couldn't wait for that extra hour of daylight in the evening and this is why....

Today I was working from home which means that I don't get to ride my bike into work. As much as I would love my 10 mile commute to be on nice winding singletrack I actually don't mind riding on Londons roads and find that the hour commute to and from work is a nice distraction from the fact that the 7.5 hours in-between are rather miserable.

So as soon as I turned off my laptop at 5:45pm today I was out like a shot knowing that I had a good hour and a half of daylight left to play with. Heading over Wimbledon Common and into Richmond Park the sun was smiling down on me and my shoulders relaxed with the happy feeling that comes when I'm out and riding.

There were lots of cyclists, runners and dog walkers out and about and I couldn't help but smile to think that this is only the beginning, the light nights are here to stay - so get out and enjoy them!