'180 formula' experiment - Run 2

This afternoon I headed out for my 2nd run using the 180 formula and was pleasantly surprised. I set off along the river Wandle as usual, slow as a tortoise and waiting to hear the bleeping to indicate my heart rate had gone over 144bpm and guess what, it didn't happen - what's going on, is my watch not working? Nope, all is well and I'm plodding along nicely at around 137-139bmp, nice! Of course as soon as I started to think I had found the knack my watch rudely interrupted my smugness in a world of unhappy bleeps to put me back in my place ;-)

I ran roughly the same route as Sunday, 4km to the shops where I got what I needed for dinner, then 4km back. This run was much improved in terms of the number of times that I went over 144bpm so I'm pretty happy to think I'm improving my ability to keep pace, however it hurt a lot more and 2km from home my thigh muscles were really burning and I had a pain in my ankle and knee which wasn't too great. I possibly have done a bit too much too soon but it's hard not to when you crave those little endorphins and don't have time for a long mountain bike ride :-)

Let's see what happens on my next run - 3rd time lucky surely?......

Statitics: 8.0km in 1:00:32