'180 formula' - Run 3

Struggling to fit a run in after cycling home from work, I decided to go out at lunchtime today for the 3rd run of my 180 formula experiment.

I set off along the Thames at Richmond and headed towards Kew Gardens in the sunshine, merrily plodding along. I'm feeling much more comfortable with the slowness of these runs and keeping my heart rate under 144bpm and I think that's the main reason that I'm enjoying them. Historically I'm one of those people who will go out for a run once or twice a year and don't stick to it as the pain of getting 'running fit' always ruins my motivation and enjoyment.

I also feel more confident with the pace of my runs and the watch doesn't seem to beep at me too much now, in fact I have to keep looking at it to speed up a bit as I'm often hanging around 138-139bpm.

It was a nice to be out in the sun at lunchtime, usually I sit at my desk and surf the net and I feel energised after getting out and about - I even saw a couple of herons hunting for fish by the side of the Thames. All in all, a good run!

Statitics: 8.1km in 1:03:01