'180 formula' - Run 5

After my wonderful run on Thursday I was looking forward to getting out again today for a run and hoping to up my mileage slightly to run 10km. I'm pretty sure I read that you shouldn't increase your mileage for the first 2 months on this training plan but I figured that if I stick to the 8km twice a week and then slightly extend one run to 10km then it'll be alright.....

So, I set off in the glorious sunshine along the Wandle heading south through the urban metropolis that is Colliers Wood, out past Merton Abbey Mills and into Morden Hall Park. My pace wasn't too bad and the watch didn't complain too much about my heart rate so I enjoyed it. The park was very busy and I was weaving in and out of the families, children and dogs along the rather autumnal mud track.

I hit 6km and knew it was about 4km back home so turned back and lost myself in the route home. Nearing Merton Abbey Mills I could hear live music so I took a detour into the square to run past a band playing some cool tunes - nice!

8km in and I started to feel a bit funny, my mouth was watering a lot and I felt a tad squiffy...was I going to be sick??? I started to think what I'd eaten today and was rather nervous, I'd much rather not vomit in public! I think it must have been the chilli olives I ate not long before heading out but I really felt quite queasy and was rather relieved to see my building appearing in the distance.

All in all excluding the last 2km it was a good run, and I achieved what I set out to, to run 10km, woop! :-D

Statistics: 10.4km in 1:14:38