'180 formula' - Run 6

It's been just over 2 weeks since my first run and I'm beginning to think that this time it might just stick! Lunchtime runs are becoming a nice escape for me and today was no exception.

Pretty much straight off the mark my pacing was all over the place and the watch was beeping furiously at me every 100 metres or so - oops. The problem was simple, my mind wasn't focused on the run, it was running away with itself and dreaming of adventures and expeditions after last night's adventure gathering! At one point I think I had my eyes closed or I was totally daydreaming of a bike ride and it felt like I'd just woken up running, haha.

Trying to focus on running was too much today and as a result the watch beeped at me like it was my first run all over again. Never mind, I enjoyed it - I just need a bit more practice at the running part before I can completely detach my mind and let it wander without my pace suffering. All in good time....

I was pretty pleased when I got back to the office and saw my run on Strava. I've ran this route 3 times now in the last week and Strava allows you to compare them. Only a week ago I ran the route in 1:03:01 with a pace of 7 mins 43 secs per km and today I ran it in 57:16 with a pace of 7 mins 1 second per km! This training is not about speed because you are running at a slow pace to keep within your heart rate but you will improve and I guess that's what I've seen today and guess what - it feels fantastic!

Statistics: 8.1km in 57:16