48 Hours Later

48 Hours Later

It has been two days since I finished my 'Bikes, Bothies & Booze' adventure. The last 48 hours have passed in a whirlwind of family and celebrations and it looks like it will continue for the rest of the week.

This morning I finally de-haired my naturally hairy wild woman legs and armpits and feel slightly lighter as a result, haha. I have only just gotten my tent out to dry and still haven't unpacked all of my kit. I have no idea where the days have gone but I know that things will settle down soon. I'm still on holiday really as I'm in my homeland, not my London home. This next week is about spending time with my family, playing with my nieces and catching up with old friends. I can worry about everything else in good time.

It's always odd when you get back from a break or holiday. Within a few hours you've forgotten that you ever went away and this is no exception. I have to keep looking at the photo's just to remind myself that I did go away! It's all a bit surreal.

Sleeping in a bed, daily showers, sitting indoors on a comfy sofa, I feel a bit of a fraud. I feel like I should be outside in the elements. Apart from ordering some new parts to do some maintenance, I've totally neglected The Beast. It is also weird not carrying Monkey around with me everywhere although I think he is enjoying his perch on the mantelpiece where he can see what is going on.


The list of things to do is ever increasing and my motivation to get up and do them is fading fast. Sometimes I tell myself that it's ok to have a few days downtime and that I need the rest. Other times I feel like I've just slipped back into my old ways and I'm not making the most of each day. I know I'm being hard on myself but I think that location has a huge effect on behaviour. Exploring new places you have no choice but to take each day as it comes. Living in familiar surroundings I tend to revert to familiar routines and behaviours.

On a more positive note tomorrow I am going to see a sports physio about my ankle. I drove my car yesterday just to the shops and my ankle immediately swelled up. It's my clutch foot and it was quite sore. Hopefully I can get some exercises or just more information really about what I can do to aid it's recovery. I also need to get my left elbow seen to. From about week 4 of the trip I've had increasing pain in it which I 'Google-diagnosed' as a form of tendonitis through overuse. It is really painful now and the skin is even sore to touch. More worryingly it hurts to lift a pint, thank God I have two arms! 🍻😉

Wearing real world clothes again is another thing that I've found strange. Underwear seems uncomfortable after 12 weeks of going commando with my bike shorts and having to decide what to wear on a morning is rather taxing. It's funny really, you don't think about these things usually. It's like learning how to reintegrate into society and life, haha. This afternoon should be an interesting outing, I'm headed into town to get a few bits and bobs, let's see if I come out alive or if I'm found on the street in a quiet corner crying!