Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2018 is here! Last night was my first ever alcohol free NYE since my teens and being so rock-n-roll I was tucked up in bed asleep well before midnight. Waking to the sound of fireworks and singing as the seconds ticked over from 2017 to 2018, I smiled, wished myself a Happy New Year and promptly went back to sleep until 6:30am. First things first was one of my resolutions, getting back to doing 5 minute morning yoga with Adriene. I started doing it when I got back from my trip and found it was a great way to start the day however once I started working it quickly fell by the wayside. There is also a 7 minute bedtime yoga that I would also recommend to get you in the mood for sleep.

First resolution complete and it was time to start on the second, dusting off my running shoes and hitting the tarmac. I managed 5.3km at a pretty good pace and felt good, maybe climbing all of those stairs in the flats and walking for 4 hours a day on my postie round has actually helped my fitness!

Booze is off the menu for the foreseeable future too, I've found that it isn't the best thing for me. I successfully gave it up for 90 days towards the end of 2017 with the help of One Year No Beer and after indulging over Christmas I actually think I'm better off without it - particularly when it comes to sleep!

Now for the fun stuff that I'd like to get up to this year:

  • Get back to climbing.
  • Give packrafting a go.
  • Do more hiking.
  • An urban cycling challenge. I have a plan for this and all will be revealed soon.
  • Write a book about my Bikes, Bothies & Booze trip.

I've also already taken a big leap and gotten rid of my TV. I waste far too much time watching trashy TV out of habit rather than doing the things I say I want to do. So I gave my Mam my freeview recorder when she went back home after Christmas and that's how I plan to write a book this year with all of my spare time, haha!

I'm deliberately not planning much in the way of specific bike trips as I'd like to be open to whatever might come my way. Plus there are so many trails I'd like to ride that I'll never be short of ideas.

So here's to a year of endless possibilities! :-D