My Strava Year in Review

A friend sent me a link this afternoon of his Strava year in review and I think it's pretty cool so I checked out my own.

I started cycling to work back in February last year and soon became addicted - here's my cycling adventures review for 2015. I'm really rather surprised that I managed to cycle 1,343km as most of my cycling was commuting.

I also started running towards the end of September and I'm really chuffed that I managed to run 237km in my running adventures. It's definitely a good baseline to work from for 2016 as I love nothing better than being in competition with myself!

My plans for this year are to take part in one organised running event every month as I really enjoyed the Hogs Back Road Race that I ran in early December. First up for this year is my greatest challenge yet - the Denbies 10 miler which I signed up for a good few months ago when I was running regularly and was injury free. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't worried about it as I haven't ran 10 miles before, 7 miles is my furthest distance to date - plus I still have a niggling ankle issue. I'm hoping to get out for a long run this weekend to see how my body is going to respond and hopefully that will give me a bit of confidence for the run next Sunday. Either way, I'll be running it and if I can't manage it then at least I will have tried - watch this space!

On the cycling front I'm also planning on trying out a test ride of my new cycle commute at the weekend as I'm now working in Old Street and have no heavenly clue of how to actually get there by road. It's been a good 2 months since I've been on the bike so I need to do a bit of a recce before taking the big plunge into the madness of central London traffic on Monday - fingers crossed!